Electric Drill Plate Cutter


Tired of dealing with metal burrs, deformation, or uneven cutting due to dull cutting blades? Then it's time to upgrade to new equipment! Cut metal sheets neatly and precisely with the metal plate cutter attachment that's sure to give your DIY projects a more professional look and finish. Check it out below:

✅Create DIY projects like a pro

Our metal nibbler attachment can navigate tight cutting patterns, squares, long cuts, and more – saving you time by offering quick and efficient cuts the first time.

✅Tough and robust build

With a high-hardness cutting head, this nibbler attachment can handle 0.8mm stainless steel, 1.2mm sheet metal, and more. This allows the piece of equipment to withstand high cutting pressures.

✅Quick and easy to store

The compact size means this drill attachment is easy to store away when not in use, fitting perfectly into your toolbox or storage cabinet.

✅Super easy to use

Quickly turn your power drill into power shears with this innovative metal nibbler attachment that fits perfectly into your drill’s chuck. The attachment easily and securely fits in place and is ready to use right away.


Maximum shearing capacity: iron plate 0.8-1mm, white iron plate 1-1.2mm, steel plate 0.8-1mm, copper plate 1.5mm, aluminum plate 1.5mm

Each package includes:

  • 1 x Metal Plate Cutter Attachment (Drill not included)