About Us

Founded in the late 2010s, Sandblaskitpursues the idea of making sandblasting more accessible and safe for households. Years of development led to the creative design that combines the power of household pressure washers with the rust-removing abrasion of sand.

Developed and tested by the pros, Sandblaskit replicates the effects of high-end sandblasters with items that fit your garage. No more hassle with heavy machinery or taking your rusted equipment to sandblasters. Our kit works with top electric pressure washers, allowing you to blast away rust, paint, and tough stains by yourself!

Why Wet Sandblasting?
Sandblaskit effectively removes rust and paint, but the dry sand particles are easily lifted by the air, which then reaches your skin, nose, and, eventually, your lungs. By combining the water from the pressure washer with the abrasive material, the sand becomes heavier for the air to scatter, making the task safer.

Sandblaskit aims to make a safer sandblasting option available to all. Other than the sandblasting kit, we are continuously searching for more ways to provide a better sandblasting experience. Our team has developed and partnered with manufacturers around the globe, collecting the tools you would need for a smoother sandblasting.

Got a question in mind? Please don't hesitate to  contact us. We're here to give you the best experience that we can offer.