How to Use

How to Use the Product

Step 1: Prepare the Sandblasting Media
Purchase play sand or glass media suitable for sandblasting.
If using play sand, sift it through a sieve to remove larger particles that may cause blockages.
Consider using glass media for easier cleanup.

Step 2: Set Up the Equipment
Ensure your pressure washer meets the recommended PSI and GPM for optimal performance.
Attach the sandblasting kit to your pressure washer wand.
Use hose clamps to secure the suction part of the wand on top, preventing water from seeping into the hose.
Keep the sand or media dry by placing a cover over it or using a container with a lid.

Step 3: Sandblasting Process

Position yourself upwind to avoid water blowing towards you.
Maintain the sand or media level higher than the washer wand to prevent water from feeding back into the container.
Start sandblasting the target surface, moving the wand back and forth evenly.
Continue sandblasting until the desired level of rust removal is achieved.

Step 4: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Monitor the pressure and flow of your pressure washer during use.
Clean any material build-up at the connection point of the two wands if pressure loss occurs.
If clogging happens, address it promptly by unclogging or replacing the media.

Step 5: Cleanup and Post-Treatment (Rust inhibit) 
Dispose of used media properly, considering its type (play sand or glass media).
Clean the sandblasted surface thoroughly to remove any residue.
Apply an acid-based rust converter such as Ospho to the surface to convert any remaining rust into a black, paintable surface.
Let the rust converter sit overnight, then lightly wet it with the converter again and let it soak.
Wash the surface thoroughly with water and a scrub brush to remove any remaining residue.
Clean the surface with solvent to ensure it is completely free of debris.
Apply an epoxy primer to seal the surface and prepare it for painting.


Ceramic Nozzles:

Replace the ceramic nozzle from your wet sandblasting kit after each use.
Change the nozzle as soon as it is chipped away by the pressure of the water and sand medium.
Worn-out nozzles cause pressure loss, slower abrasive particle speed, decreased productivity, and wasted sand.
To install a new nozzle, unscrew the old one and tightly screw on the new ceramic nozzle.
Keep spare ceramic nozzles on hand for uninterrupted sandblasting.



The Wet Sandblasting Kit offers a wide variety of connectors to ensure compatibility with your pressure washer. Here's what you need to know:
Check the specifications of your pressure washer to determine the type of connector required.
The Wet Sandblasting Kit provides multiple connector options to fit various pressure washer models.
Choose the appropriate connector from the kit that matches your pressure washer's connection type.
Simply attach the connector securely to your pressure washer wand to ensure a proper fit.
With the right connector, you can easily connect the Wet Sandblasting Kit to your pressure washer and start sandblasting.
Please refer to the compatibility chart or consult the product manual for further guidance on selecting the correct connector for your specific pressure washer model.