Electric Drill Grinder Metal Polish

Turn the electric drill into a grinder,  grinding all kinds of knives, metals, handicrafts, jade, and so on, restoring their true color.

It can also be used to polish scissors, kitchen knives, drill bits, etc., restoring their original sharpness.


Electric Drill Grinder

These tools   turn your corded and cordless drill into a grinder for surface preconditioning, grinding, sharpening, and removing rust. Easily polished in all kinds of knives, metals, handicrafts, jade, scissors, drill bits, chisels, etc.,   restore their original sharpness and color.

Multiple Grinding Needs

There are 4 kinds of grinders for you to choose from, meeting your different grinding needs.

#1 Brown  C orundum  Grinder (size 70x19mm, inner diameter 10mm): Suitable for high-strength metal, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, forging iron, hard bronze, etc.

#2 White Corundum Grinder (size 70x19mm, inner diameter- 10mm): Suitable for manufacturing fine grinding hardened steel, high carbon steel, high-speed steel, and grinding thin-wall parts.

#3 Silicon Chloride Grinder (size 70x19mm, inner diameter 10mm): Suitable for grinding carbide, optical glass, ceramics, and other hard and brittle materials.   

#4 Yellow Cloth Grinder (size 75x15mm, inner diameter 10mm): Suitable for polishing all kinds of jade, gold and silver jewelry, metal plating products.

Easy to Install

Mount the grinder on a conversion rod and then connect it to an electric drill to make   grinding more convenient and quick.  Fix it on a tabletop with the fixed bracket, which   provides better comfort and reduces fatigue for professional cutting and grinding applications.


It is suitable for   lithium electric drills and AC electric drills,  but   NOT for an electric mill, electric hammer, electric wrench, impact drill.

High Quality & Portable

Adopt   precision bearing  with good concentricity for   more accurate grinding without shaking. The traditional grinder is bulky and not easy to carry, but our grinder is   small and portable, suitable for a variety of work scenarios, such as at home, shop, garage, etc.

Warm Tips

  1. Adjust the pressure plate, put in the electric drill, align the electric drill with the bearing, and then install the screws and nuts to tighten, and finally install the polishing grinder.
  2. After the installation is complete, ensure that all screws are fastened and all components are securely connected.
  3. The pressure plate and the electric drill should be fitted. Please install them carefully to avoid problems during operation.
  4. Please wear gloves, goggles, and other safety equipment to ensure safety when working.


Grinder Type: Brown Corundum Grinder, White Corundum Grinder, Silicon Chloride Grinder, Yellow Cloth Grinder

Compatible Drills: 10mm Lithium Electric Drills, 13mm AC Electric Drills

Package Includes: 1 x Electric Drill Grinder Metal Polish