Portable Power Cleaner (Batteries & Charger Included)

[7 times more pressure] than the garden hose and nozzle.

 For tougher cleaning jobs, the 450 PSI has more cleaning power than standard Hydroshot models.

[2-speed setting] But you can switch it to "low" at 290 PSI to save water and battery.

[One Battery, expandable Power Supply] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power supplies, and lifestyle products

[4 in 1 Multiple spray nozzles] Four Settings, from 0° for most direct spray, to 15°, 25°, and 40° for clean radii

[car battery charging indicator] "Fuel gauge" tells you the remaining juice and lets you know when to charge or replace the battery

[Dual Port Charger] Since this Hydroshot battery uses two 20V batteries, we include two slot chargers to let you spin games faster

[Extracting fresh water from any source] Simply drop a hose into a lake, pool, dock, or bucket - so you can take your Hyrdoshot with you