ALL-IN-ONE Foldable Car Garage



Automatic Plug-in Control and Automatic Solar Power Option Adjust a size automatically

Fits all sizes of cars

  • Durable 600 D Oxford fabric with PU coating, waterproof!
  • Nice Shell Look Design, Easy to open and close. Unique style different from other carports.

  • Quick and flexible installation. Each pipe with a number mark, is easy to identify and install.
  • Protect your valued car from sunlight, rain, and frost, UV resistant, waterproof, rustproof, windproof, dustproof, hail protection, and prevent human injury (scratch)

This retractable car garage acts as a movable cocoon that wraps around your vehicle when it’s stopped in a regular car space.

This invention is a cost-effective solution to protect your car against all of the elements, like the sun, strong winds, precipitation, and wildlife.


This folding garage consists of a folding steel framework (in the style of an old-fashioned perambulator hood) covered with a strong fabric cover that attaches to this framework.

UV resistant and 100% waterproof due to sealed seams.

Ultra-modern in its design and functionality

You will be happy that you will not have to place your car in the banal-looking garage. This small, niche, unique design would provide a protective shelter for your vehicle against theft and bad weather.

Suitable for sedans and SUV’s.

Super Sturdy structure, carport weight 185-220 lbs. Durable 600 D Oxford fabric with PU coating, waterproof.

Rugged construction, stays intact works well in windy and heavy rain.

Please Note That: To ensure the long-term stability of the carport, it needs to anchor down to the ground by anchors.