Adjustable High Pressure Water Spray Nozzle (Include Pipe Connector

Designed with a Powerful Water Jet, the Adjustable High-Pressure Water Nozzle removes dirt and stain and has never been this Effective! Stubborn Dirt, Mold, and Stain - begone!

The high-pressure injectable nozzle has an adjustable water pressure of jet stream and fan wash. It makes it possible to remove large areas (such as Home, Garage, Car, Lawn, and more) of dirt and stains in just a matter of seconds! No Scrubbing Needed!

Don't use wire to fix it anymore, this water pipe joint will not let the water pipe burst out again,  Suitable for water pipe inner diameter15mm-19mm


Easily adjustable: Just turn it a bit, and spray type changes.Direct injection and Spray easy adjustment, direct injection.  Direct injection distance reaches 7 meters to 10 meters

High-Efficiency Cleaning: Provides instant cleaning efficiency which is time-saving and effort-saving and guarantees not to harm or strip floorings like car paint, wood, or clear coat.

Multiple Pressure Modes: Powerful spray twisting barrel adjusts water from fan to a powerful jet stream to satisfy a variety of watering needs and help you get the HARD-to-REACH areas.

Wide Application: The easiest way to water plants, clean Cars, Driveways, Gutters, Tiles, Molds, Glasses, Woods, Patio, Deck, etc.



High Quality that No Need Replacement: Full brass metal body construction gives you the ultimate heavy duty, non-breakable spray nozzle without plastic or rubber parts that crack, break, or become brittle over time.


Material: Copper
Spray distance: 7-10 (m)

Adjustable High Pressure Water Spray Nozzle Include Pipe Connector*1: Nozzle+P ipe connector

Applicable water pipe Inner diameter( 15mm-19mm); Outer diameter(19mm-23mm)