This Rust inhibitor/remover penetrates into every void of a metal surface and dissolve the rust/oxidation through chemical action. This then creates a rust-inhibiting coat with the surface molecules of the metal to resist future rusting or oxidation.


  • RUST REMOVER AND INHIBITOR IN ONE - Removes and Prevents Rust in One Easy Step! Simply spray on and watch it work.

  • SAFE, FAST, AND EFFECTIVE - It can be used on rusted or new metal galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, chrome, brass, plastic, brick, stucco, stone, porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, and more...

  • IDEAL FOR PAINTING - When dry, it accepts any primer, paint, coating, etc., and provides a clean surface free of contaminants, which allows a secure bond for coating.

    • SHINE FINISH COATING:  Leaves a   thin, waxy film   that clings to metal for months that coats and protects metal surfaces from oxidation.

      It can prevent rust for up to 12 months on bare metal

      Restoring your items' performance integrity and functions  like  brand-new  with   every   spray!  Get rid  of the annoying oxidation that subtle on pans, bike-chains, stuck door knobs and hinges, pipes, metal furniture, and more! 

      Now, you can  save yourself from expensive replacements  with this  easy spray,  metal stuff will have its  longest possible lifespan!


      • STRONG RUST REMOVAL:  Instantly dissolves and removes rust   and fine particles from the metal surface caused by atomization/ oxidation.

      • EXCELLENT LUBRICATION:  Formulated to last while  reducing the friction and heat  caused by normal use. Especially perfect for extending the lifespan of machines.

    • MULTIPURPOSE USE:  applicable on   paints, plastics, vehicles, countertops, dishwashers, ovens grills, and vinyl.  It is also non-conductive and will not cause short circuits, and so   safe to use even on electronics.

      • EASY TO USE & REQUIRES NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT:  ergonomic design and spray container for easy application Simply spray and wipe.   No elbow greasing of any kind involved and need to wear gloves, or masks, or any protective gear.

      • SAFE & NON-TOXIC:  non-corrosive, no fumes.  Safe to use around kids and pets.