Portable Sand Blaster


This lightweight, ergonomically designed blaster gun is perfect for spot rust, paint, and hard dirt removal on large items that don’t fit into abrasive blasting cabinets. It features a comfort control lever, on/off adjustment knob, air inlet, and a durable ABS body.

Easy to use and beginner-friendly. Simply fill with sand and plug into any compressor and you're back in business. Making you a lean, mean, sandblasting machine as soon as you get it.

Works on any type of material on any surface. Whether that's the rusty paint on your wheels to even the dirt on your patio chairs the Portable Sand Blaster can dust off and restore all of your stuff once and for all.


  • Restore tractors/old Jeeps/dune buggies/farm equipment and/or boats
  • Cleans rusty pipes, rust on a metal patio table 
  • Motorbike parts and ornate metal castings ready for refinishing
  • Clean up old trailers 
  • Remove old paint/rust/varnish and corrosion off trailers/car/trucks/frames
  • Restore old tractors
  • Prepare and strip paint off of automotive's or old autos and auto parts
  • Blast paint/decal off boats/vessels prior to undercoating and antifouling
  • Strip sealer from a concrete sidewalk.


Convenient-  Easy to store and transport on your toolbox without taking up a bunch of space. Making it a breeze to travel with when you're constantly on the go doing jobs.

Lightweight-  Light as a feather and powerful as a horse. Doesn't weigh a ton and makes for a comfortable grip so you can work for hours and hours before even thinking about taking a break.

High Performance-  Dust off the oldest of paint, dirt, and grime in those hard to reach areas in half the time. Whether that's on your car, your tools or even on chairs and cans the list goes on. This tool can shake off the rust on anything and make it brand new all over again.

Our Guarantee-  If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.

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