Our SandblastKit Pressure Washer Attachment has been developed by experts to effortlessly transform and restore any surface. It converts any standard pressure washer into a powerful sandblaster, designed to remove rust, paint, and grime with ease, saving you time and effort.

🔹Quick and easy setup—attach to any pressure washer 

🔹Achieve professional-grade results at home 

🔹Includes rust inhibitor in bundle to prevent flash rust 

🔹Versatile use for cars, heavy machinery, boats and more 

🔹 Wet sandblasting reduces dust by 95% 

🔹 90 Day Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Jason D. 

I have one and it's awesome. Buy 8 bags of play sand and reuse the sand after drying it out and filtering it through a piece of metal window screen. It's one of my best and favorite tools that actually works that I've bought in many years.

What's in the bundle?

Our sandblast attachment offers professional-grade blasting power at a fraction of the cost. It connects effortlessly to any pressure washer, making it versatile and budget-friendly. Plus, with no bulky equipment to maneuver, setup is a breeze. Customers love its effectiveness for small to medium-sized projects.


What's Included?

Shipping & Return

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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