Looking for the next lucrative start-up venture?

 You can make around $300 per hour by providing these services in your community:

  • Removing rust and providing cleaning services
  • Restoring automotive and fleet vehicles
  • Removing paint from concrete, brick, wood siding, metal, stucco, and stone
  • Maintaining boats
  • Resurfacing pools
  • Stripping powdercoat

    And the best part? Our sandblast attachment kits are significantly cheaper compared to traditional sandblasting units, yet they are equally effective in getting the job done. You can start your business without the hefty initial investment while still being able to tackle various projects with ease.



Low Equipment and Material Costs: With our affordable attachment kits, you can start profiting immediately without a hefty initial investment. The low cost of our kits ensures that you can start your business for a fraction of the cost of traditional sandblasting equipment, with no ongoing fees.


High Profit Margins: Sandblast Kits owners typically earn up to $300 an hour. Clients are willing to pay a premium for sandblasting services, ensuring higher profit margins for your business.


Diverse Revenue Streams: Cater to automotive, marine, industrial, and residential sectors with our versatile attachment kits. Offer rust removal, paint stripping, and surface preparation services, ensuring a steady stream of projects and diversified revenue for your business.

Marketing Support: Sandblastkits.com provides extensive marketing support, including  impactful online advertising to connect you with custamers that are in your area. We sell units to many people and sometimes have customers that dont want to do the job themselves. Once you become a part of our sandblastkit team we can connect you to these customers. We help you reach your target audience and attract potential customers to your sandblasting services.




Reap the rewards of all your hard work by being your own boss. The versatility of SandBlasting provides the opportunity to make money from multiple revenue streams.



 With SandBlasting, one can kick  off the entire business for Under $1k.



  Any paint, rust, or dirt is applied;    the demand is there and it goes  on. Getting regular clients can be  easier than ever using our very  own marketing services.





 It is more than just reliable  equipment; it is the ongoing    support of a community of fellow  business operators.






Answering questions about Sandblasting

What is the advantage of starting a sandblasting business with your kit?

Our sandblasting business starter kit offers a comprehensive solution for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the lucrative field of surface preparation and restoration. With our kit, you can hit the ground running and start offering professional sandblasting services to clients in your area.

What does the sandblasting business starter kit include?

Our starter kit includes everything you need to launch your sandblasting business successfully. This includes a high-quality sandblasting unit, essential accessories such as hoses and nozzles, safety gear, marketing materials, and comprehensive training resources to help you master the art of sandblasting.

How does your kit compare to other business opportunities in the sandblasting industry?

Our sandblasting business starter kit stands out for its comprehensive approach and focus on empowering entrepreneurs. Unlike other business opportunities that may offer limited support or require significant investment in equipment and training, our kit provides everything you need to succeed, from day one.

Can anyone start a sandblasting business with your kit, or do I need prior experience?

Our kit is designed for individuals of all experience levels, from seasoned professionals to complete beginners. Our comprehensive training resources cover everything from equipment operation and safety protocols to marketing and business management, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills to thrive in the sandblasting industry.

What are the potential revenue opportunities for a sandblasting business?

The potential revenue opportunities for a sandblasting business are vast and varied. From automotive restoration and industrial surface preparation to residential and commercial projects, there is a constant demand for professional sandblasting services across a wide range of industries. With our kit, you can tap into these lucrative markets and build a successful business that delivers results for your clients.

How long does it take to recoup the initial investment within your first job with the sandblasting business starter kit?

The time it takes to recoup your initial investment will vary depending on various factors, including your local market conditions, the types of services you offer, and your marketing efforts. However, many of our customers find that they are able to generate a positive return on investment relatively quickly, often within their first job. This rapid return on investment speaks to the profitability and demand for professional sandblasting services, allowing you to start seeing tangible results from your investment right away.

How do I get started with my sandblasting business using your kit?

Getting started is easy! Simply purchase our sandblasting business starter kit, review the training materials, and start promoting your services to potential clients in your area. With our comprehensive support and proven business model, you'll be well on your way to building a successful sandblasting business that generates steady income and long-term growth opportunities.

 Is ongoing support and training available after purchasing the sandblasting business starter kit?

Yes, we are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way on their entrepreneurial journey. In addition to the comprehensive training resources included with the kit, our team of experts is available to provide ongoing support and guidance to help you overcome any challenges and maximize your success in the sandblasting industry.


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