New High-Pressure Washer Water Gun

UltDIY New High-Pressure Car Washer Water Gun

Our water gun provides both   power and versatility. Its design magnifies water pressure and the adjustable nozzle can help you switch from a focused stream to a wide spray to suit your cleaning needs. 

  • NARROW BARREL DESIGN - The long, thin barrel multiplies the pressure from its source.
  • DURABLE - Its body is made of zinc alloy and the nozzle is made of copper; metals selected for both durability and resistance against everyday use.
  • GENERAL HOSE COUPLER - Uses a 1/4 inch instant connector that is compatible with garden hose attachments



Cleaning with blasts of water is always satisfying. With the nozzle or gun, it can make cleaning an even more enjoyable experience. This water gun will increase the pressure of your hose, and the adjustable nozzle can adjust it from a gentle spray to a powerful pushing stream.


Listen to the difference yourself

"T he water hose nozzle It is so strong and tight I had to call my neighbor to help unscrew it to reverse the nozzle to fit my hose. Beats plastic ones by far I know this won't break like the plastic ones I have been throwing out I wished I would have found this sooner"

- William H.

"Good pressure for a nozzle with an adjustable stream. It can go from spray to stream. Good for cleaning jobs when you don't want to get the pressure washer."

- Sam P.

  • It can turn your 50 psi stream of water into a 150-200 psi jet 
  • Far more durable than plastic nozzles
  • Has a small trigger lock so your hands don't get tired
  • Very light despite being made of metal. You can comfortably hold it with one hand
  • Perfect for households that don't own a pressure washer but want the benefits of high-pressure washing



INCLUDES:   1 x  New High-Pressure Car Washer Water Gun

  • Material:
    • Zinc-Alloy frame + Copper knobs and fittings